Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-11-16T17:12:32-05:00
What kind of service does offer?2021-10-08T05:16:19-04:00 is a site of the Patriot Transportation company and we offer services of executive cars, Taxis and Limousines.

Where is the company located? How does it operate? What area do you cover?2021-10-08T05:17:00-04:00

The company is located on the island of Miami Beach and has a private transportation license for door-to-door pick-ups throughout Miami Dade County, including Miami International Airport and its Port.

Do you have immediate booking service?2021-10-08T05:20:34-04:00

Yes, you can call us anytime for last-minute calls. The operator will give you the estimated waiting time.

Do you have 24-hour service?2021-10-08T05:21:00-04:00

We offer 24-hour service and pick-ups, 7 days a week, including holidays.

How far in advance should I book?2021-10-08T05:21:22-04:00

If you wish to leave at a fixed date and time, your reservation for pick-ups, tours and events must be made at least 24 hours before the service.

Are all fares fixed or do cars have a meter?2021-10-08T05:21:56-04:00

There are fixed rates and charges per mile. All our drivers have a taximeter on their phone with visible fares and the route in progress on GPS. You have the right to ask the driver to activate the system in your presence and have it visible to monitor your trip.

What is the policy in case of damage or cleaning during the time of service?2021-10-08T05:22:32-04:00

We charge $50 for any extraordinary damage or dirt created by the customer and removing the service car (vomit, mud, etc.).

When does the rental officially start?2021-10-08T05:23:08-04:00

Your rental begins at the moment of contact with your chauffeur.

How do I find my driver at the end of an event?2021-10-08T05:23:39-04:00

Drivers must be available to communicate at all times. Please arrange a meeting point in advance for pick up time. If at that point you cannot reach the driver directly, call our company and we will get you in touch.

Can I tip the driver?2021-10-08T05:24:04-04:00

Of course, tips are not included in the original charge. You may recognize the extra effort and special attention of your driver.

Can I ask the driver to change the route?2021-10-08T05:24:32-04:00

Of course, you are always in control of your travel route. Keep in mind that any change can vary the final cost.

Will the driver notify me when he arrives at the meeting point?2021-10-08T05:24:57-04:00

The company will always send a message or notification to your contact number upon your driver’s arrival at the rendezvous point.

Are there special seats available for minors?2021-10-08T05:25:22-04:00

They must be booked in advance.

Can any passengers not included in the reservation be added at the time of travel?2021-10-08T05:25:45-04:00

Of course, if it is not an inconvenience of security or comfort and always at the discretion of the driver.

What happens if my flight is delayed?2021-10-08T05:26:13-04:00

Don’t worry. Our team monitors the flight and will be awaiting your landing.

Is it important to have a contact number?2021-10-08T05:31:18-04:00

Of course you should have a contact number in case of emergencies or unforeseen delays. If you do not have one, please contact the company number and we will assist you immediately.

What happens if I forget something in the vehicle?2021-10-08T05:33:18-04:00

Contact our company immediately. We are responsible for any luggage or object left in the trunk. Objects left in the cabin are the responsibility of the customer, although we will always make every effort to find and return your property.

How far in advance can I cancel a reservation?2021-10-08T05:34:20-04:00

Your reservation can be canceled at any time, from the time of dispatch of the car in service. If a deposit is made, it will not be refundable.

Is a deposit required at the time of booking?2021-10-08T05:34:46-04:00

Yes, pick-ups by reservation: airport, events, etc, have a deposit of 50% of the total amount. The rest must be paid at the end of the service.

Can I pay cash directly to the driver?2021-10-08T05:35:11-04:00

Yes, you can. Although you must specify it in the request at the time of making the reservation

Can the service be rented by the hour?2021-10-08T05:35:31-04:00

Of course, the event service and other reservations with waiting have a base price of 60 dollars per hour.

How can I pay?2021-10-08T05:35:55-04:00

All types of payments are admissible: cash, credit card, PayPal, cash app

Is the wait charged?2021-10-08T05:36:41-04:00

Yes, the fare is 50 cents a minute.

Can I smoke in the car?2021-10-08T05:37:08-04:00

No, it violates the regulations.

What happens if the time exceeds the time programmed in the reservation?2021-10-08T05:37:33-04:00

Your service will continue to count and your rate will go on hold time.

Can I order a particular driver?2021-10-08T05:37:56-04:00

Sure. Your driver is part of your experience and you have every right to request a particular one if it is available at the time of your order.

Can your drivers communicate in other languages?2021-10-08T05:38:26-04:00

Our drivers are all bilingual and speak fluent English and Spanish.

Are your drivers familiar with local attractions?2021-10-08T05:38:52-04:00

Our drivers are Miami residents, trained in the history and meaning of the city’s most popular attractions. (Art Deco District, Little Havana, Winwood Walls), plus many years of relationships with local establishments, attractions and major services.

Can I drink alcohol during the trip?2021-10-08T05:39:13-04:00

We do not recommend it, but it is the driver’s final decision. Please ask at the time of service.

Are pets allowed on the trip?2021-10-08T05:39:36-04:00

Of course.

Which airports are the most used in Miami?2021-10-08T05:40:00-04:00

Miami International Airport and Opa Locka Executive Airport.

How will I know where my driver will be waiting at the airport?2021-10-08T05:40:26-04:00

Your driver will always be on the carousel assigned to your flight, in baggage claim, in a visible place with your name on a sign.

What happens if I am delayed in customs?2021-10-08T05:40:50-04:00

Our waiting policy without prior notification is 1.5 hours after landing. Please contact our offices as soon as possible in that case to prepare a contingency plan and pick it up as soon as possible.

What is the maximum luggage capacity allowed in cars?2021-10-08T05:42:26-04:00

It depends on the car and the size of the suitcases. Contact our operator, he will recommend the best car according to your luggage.

In case of excess luggage can you put them inside the passenger area?2021-10-08T05:42:53-04:00

If it is not an inconvenience of security or comfort, always the decision is at the discretion of the driver.


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