What to do in Miami Beach, its tourist attractions

Miami Beach is sometimes confused with the city of Miami, but is actually one of its districts, which offers the best views of the sea by being located on one of its islands. The tourist attractions of Miami Beach are known worldwide as well as the great variety of monuments, streets, beaches, parks and museums. In this article we propose you a guide of what to do in Miami Beach, besides presenting the most interesting places for a wonderful stay.

Its beaches

There’s not much to hide if your name says it all: Miami Beach. It has the best beaches in the United States, covered by palm trees and white sands. It also features peculiar lifeguard towers designed and painted by local artists.

Luxury Restaurants

In Miami Beach, dining in style is a priority. That’s why this area has the most famous restaurants and renowned chefs. Renowned locations like Joe’s Stone Crab and Emeril’s make a difference on the palate. Plus, you can’t miss Asian fusion dishes at the China Grill Miami, as well as delicious Italian pasta at Café Prima Pasta.

Ocean Drive

When we talk about boulevards and famous squares we mean Ocean Drive. Here you will find elegant hotels, almost all of them first class; bars and clubs, as well as the paradise of Art Deco. Walking in this wonderful place is one of the best things to do on your vacation.

Miami Children’s Museum

The youngest ones in the family have a paradisiacal space in the Children’s Museum of Miami. In this place the main motto is: “play, learn, imagine, create”. In this museum there is a supermarket and an interactive television studio ideal for children to incorporate skills and encourage their imagination, while enjoying their free time.

South Pointe Park and Pier

Do you and your family like water parks? Here you can find a great one to explore that boasts 68,000 square meters and wonderful direct ocean waters. You can also fish at the pier which is more than 137 meters long or just walk among the beautiful sculptures of the place.

Art Deco District

The Art Deco District is the main site where this style is exhibited. In this area the neon lights glow at night and their flashes are reflected in wonderful buildings such as the Post Office, the Albion Theatre and the Lincon, classics of the aerodynamic style.

Old Spanish Monastery

Do you know of any buildings brought in and rebuilt brick by brick? This is the case of the Old Spanish Monastery, originally from Spain and built in the 12th century. This building represents the Latin side of the city and is one of the oldest on our continent.

Jungle Island

Since 1939 this small zoo has had its doors opened to the public. There, children and adults will be able to feed the wildest animals with a bottle or attend the various shows on offer

Lincoln Road Mall

Do you like shopping? Do you enjoy the offers as well as the variety of products and brands? Be sure to visit this pedestrian shopping area completely outdoors and over a mile long. Lincoln Road Mall is one of the few on the National Register of Historic Places, designed in the 1950s and remodeled in the late 1990s. Here’s a small selection of Miami Beach’s top attractions. Move around with our taxi service or tour cars, give us a call and we’ll be right there to meet you..

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