What to do in South Beach Miami. What to see, what to visit

What to see and what to visit in South Beach Miami? This may be the main question we ask ourselves when we arrive at this wonderful place. It is a city within a city and is the center of all Miami Beach cultural activity. There you can find Art Deco houses and tasty foods. For this reason, this time we propose you to know the main attractions of this beautiful area.

South Beach

Miami South Beach sunrise

The visitor who observes the white sands and crystal clear waters of this beach, does not imagine that South Beach is an artificial beach created by man and was actually a mangrove swamp until the 1920s. Now, its shallow coastline is ideal for bathing and is located along Ocean Drive Avenue.

The lifeguard cabins are the perfect place to take pictures because of the colorful walls painted by local artists. In addition, at night, it gets really crowded, with people coming from everywhere attracted by many activities. Without a doubt, it is a special place to enjoy to the fullest.

Lummus Park Beach

If you want to spend a day at the beach, choose this area located between streets 5 and 15, because here all tourist activities are concentrated. There are parks for children and spaces to sit and sunbathe. Lummus Park Beach is ideal for walking, in just 3 hours will make the most pleasant walk of your vacation. On the way, you will find bathers, bodybuilders and supermodels, as well as volleyball nets, shops, kiosks and palm trees.

Collins Avenue y Washington Avenue

These are the most interesting and important avenues in South Beach. In their surroundings you will find clothing shops, accessories, tattoo stalls as well as various clubs and discotheques. Also the art deco buildings and the many elegant hotels attract the visitor’s attention.

Villa Casa Casuarina, the Versace mansion

Located at 1116 Ocean Drive, the Casa Casuarina hides the secrets of famous designer Gianni Versace. He lived there and was assassinated in 1997 by Andrew Cuanan after returning from a walk under the typical South Beach sun. This building, also known as Villa Barton G, is now divided into a luxury hotel and Il Sole restaurant.

Española Way Street

Between Washington and Drexel Avenues, the beautiful Española Way offers visitors the wonders of its shops and its attractive Mediterranean style. Here you’ll find luxury boutiques, exotic art galleries and great restaurants with terraces. Walking around you will find arched buildings, balconies and capitals on the façade that will make you feel like you’re in an authentic Mediterranean town.

Holocaust Memorial

In South Beach we discovered wonderful places such as the small Botanical Garden where the Holocaust Memorial is located. The monument reflects an impressive hand extended upwards as a distress signal. The arm is covered by 100 full-size statues commemorating the numerous victims of the Nazi genocide.

 South Beach is home to a large Jewish and World War II survivor community, and at 301 Washington Avenue is the first synagogue built in the area, now a museum. These are undoubtedly historic places you can’t miss..

World Erotic Art Museum

There is also space for passion and desire there is also space in South Beach, the Museum of Erotic Art is a monument to these emotions. Here you can see collections of paintings, erotic toys and artifacts from past times and different parts of the world. In just a few hours you will get to know the history of eroticism on the planet. Ideal for couples to enjoy.

In South Beach, sunshine, music and comfort are imperative for the enjoyment of customers and visitors. Visiting this small area is a pleasure. We recommend you to travel comfortably using the services of our fleet of cars, specialized in tours…

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