What to do in Miami. Sightseeing tour with your family

Miami is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Its climate and attractions are ideal for family outings and vacations. The great variety of places to visit sometimes raises a big question. What to do in Miami? That’s why we offer you a list of the best tourist places to visit with your family. Surprise yourself! Miami Beach

First of all, you can’t miss the crystal-clear beaches of Miami. These are located on a large stretch of coastline bathed by the Atlantic Ocean where both surfers and lovers of placid waters try to find a spot to enjoy. That’s why we recommend Miami Beach. This is an island separated from the city and connected to the mainland by various bridges. Miami Beach is a beautiful place, famous for its Art Deco style and surrounded by white sands. Pink and blue colors predominate there, which fills the city with joy.

South Beach

Nearby, at the southern end of the island is the renowned South Beach, an area of luxury and tourist attractions. Here you will find the most renowned fashion shops and famous and emblematic hotels. You can also enjoy the Ocean Drive Avenue where many skaters show their skills. Other attractions are the nightclubs and the chance to run into celebrities from the entertainment world. South Beach is the perfect place to have a great time.

La Pequeña Habana

Design District

The Design District is a neighborhood full of exhibition centers, décor, art galleries, shops, gourmet restaurants and many chic places. Artists and creative minds such as architects, designers of all kinds have established themselves in this area. Upon arrival you can contemplate the innovative architecture, art and fashion of this cultural center. The Institute of Contemporary Art is one of the best places to let our artistic vein flow.


Miami, among all its attractions has in its center the great Downtown. This area stands out for its skyscrapers, the breathtaking views of the bay and its emblematic places such as the Tower of Liberty, Vizcaino Key and the famous American Airlines Arena. There, modern architecture is intertwined with older and more traditional buildings.

Coral Gables

The Coral Gables neighborhood, built in the 1920s, is known as the “Beautiful City. In this neighborhood there are beautiful mansions of colonial and Mediterranean style surrounded by extensive and decorated gardens. In addition, the visitor must not miss the historic Venetian Pool, a huge pool surrounded by waterfalls and beautiful caves. Coral Gables is the place where elegance and beauty combine perfectly.

Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park, a neighborhood rebuilt and redesigned in the 1980s. It has great attractions like the Pepper Fountain, a beautiful electronically controlled fountain. It is an area with monuments of cultural interest such as the Challenger Memorial dedicated to the crew of the Challenger spacecraft that died in 1986; the Friendship Torch, which represents Miami’s relations with other countries on the American continent, as well as the World War II Memorial.

Coconut Groove

Coconut Grove, better known as “The Grove”, is a sector full of power and energy, as well as bohemian art. There are numerous boulevards full of leafy trees, buildings with beautiful neo-Renaissance architecture. Its most emblematic places are the Museum and Gardens of Vizcaya, a majestic Italian-style villa; the distinguished hotels, the Miami Science Museum and the CocoWalk district, famous for its high levels of entertainment. It has a variety of shops, restaurants and a nightlife that makes you fall in love with it.

Miami Seaquarium

For kids there is nothing better than the Miami Seaquarium, an immense marine park and the largest aquarium in the United States, which daily presents varied dolphin, whale and seal shows. Here you can see huge fish tanks with sharks, manatees, crocodiles and more of the marine fauna. Another attraction is the penguin island, with its funny mischiefs and customs..

Miami Zoo

The Miami Zoo is another interesting setting for the younger members of the family. It treasures over 900 species of animals; as well as abundant and varied vegetation. This site is so extensive that you can tour it aboard a monorail

The Miami Art Museum or Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

The Miami Art Museum or Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), designed by famed architects Herzog & de Meuron, is itself a work of art. It is located in the beautiful Bicentennial Park, one of the most interesting places in the city. The PAMM is one of the most photographed buildings in Miami for its beautiful vertical garden. Inside you will find more than 1800 works of art produced from the mid-twentieth century to the present day. This is a monument to culture that you won’t want to miss. Finally, a recommendation. To visit these places, it is best to hire a taxi tour service. Access the services of taximiamibeach.com, an efficient and fast service, excellent to tour the city on your holidays


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